We have been designing, developing and delivering PLC control systems since 2005. Over the past 11 years we have delivered numerous high profile PLC/Scada projects throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.


Our knowledge base has grown rapidly since 2005 with the PLC division having designed, installed and commissioned large scale control systems based on both Rockwell/Allen Bradley and Schneider solutions tailored to suit the customer’s requirements. With specifications detailing the latest in hardware and functional descriptions looking for optimal performance K­-Tec has proven we can deliver these systems on time, on budget, and exceed customer expectations.


These PLC systems are usually stand alone, which run on a specified technical TCP/IP network to communicate to a Scada Head End, HMI’s (Human Machine Interfaces), Remote I/O and field devices such as power meters, relays and trip units. This communication is aided by utilising managed core switches connected via singlemode and multimode fibres on a turbo ring protocol, which in turn communicate to unmanaged edge switches mounted within the electrical panels or project specific remote interface cabinets. From the edge switches we communicate to field devices via cat 6. Depending on the project, in addition to meters monitoring outgoing supplies we can use modbus cabling connected directly to the breakers to provide an additional method of monitoring and provide system redundancy.


Most systems are based on a Hot Standby PLC setup complete with distributed remote I/O stations. We have installed dual redundant supervisor servers running an associated Scada system c/w a database/communication management system.


Our systems have been mainly utilised in HV/LV distribution. The Scada headend and HMI’s provide the operator with visibility and control of the entire distribution network. The PLC systems reconfigure the distribution network based on mains and generator failure scenarios, breaker failures, load capability etc. The PLC system reconfigures the network by controlling all main VCB and ACB breakers, MCCB load breakers, generator and UPS system etc. The control is normally designed based on a fixed matrix or live feedback.


As part of the design and delivery of the PLC control system we will develop a Functional Design Specification (FDS) complete with a suit of flowcharts which will be discussed and refined along with the client before proceeding to the development stage. During development we will submit a number of documents for signoff to ensure the software meets and is in line with the clients requirements. Once development is complete the software will undergo a series of internal tests before being offered to the client for a witness test. Once signed off the system will be installed and commissioned on­site and will undergo initial setup/configuration, level 3, level 4 and level 5/IST tests before handover. During the lifecycle of the PLC control system design, development and delivery a K­-Tec Project Manager will oversee and schedule all works in line with the clients requirements. Once the systems are delivered we offer client training and system support.


K-Tec take great pride in the quality of graphical displays and control software that we develop. These are professionally designed bespoke to the end clients requirements ensuring a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing interface. Our PLC systems will in turn provide state of the art site wide monitoring and control which will optimise the efficiency of any project or site where all critical information is readily available on a client head­end machine.


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